Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We have 7 days left!!! I can't believe it, this is so freaking exciting. I love it. I hope i get a new camera soon but yeah want want want my husband is probably so freaking sick of hearing about it. But hey. this is really putting a damper on this blogging thing Oh well such is life.


Sue said...

Be patient sweetie and it will come. Love ya!!!!!

The Cluff's said...

I understand I can't live without a camera for long either. How excited for CJ to come home!!! YEAH!

Shawna said...

You just wait Tiff, Brian is probably waiting to get you a really nice one.

It's hard living without a camera. I hate those in between camera moments. I always feel like I am missing everything with the kids. Knowing brian yours is coming, he's just researching for the best camera out there!

Shannon Harris said...

Hey!!! Camera yet?? It's been yrs since I've seen ya! You guys are gorgous!!
Shannon (Lutz)