Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was tagged by goes nothing

1. I have been married for almost 11 years
2. I have 3 kids
3. My husband owns his own family business
4. I have witnessed 4 people leave this earth, what a neat experience!
5. My best friends name is misty shamane
6. I talk to her like 2 times a day
7. I have to talk to my sisters at least 3 or 4 times a week to feel copacetic
8. my knee used to pop out alot when I was young and I still have that fear to this day.
9. I had knee surgery when I was 12
10. I have a fear of walking on wet surfaces.
11. I hate to go under water
12. I almost drowned while trying out for the swimteam when I was 9 and my coach had to jump in and save me, (he was HOT)
13. My first kiss was with my next door neighbor when I was 7 and he was 11
14. I still remember his name. Wady Mcright
15. I always tend to get sayings wrong
16. I have Hyperemesis Gravaderium with my pregnancies and throw up about 16 times a day for the first 5 to 6 months
17. I am so so so so so baby hungry and would love to have another one.
18. I was hospitalized in Nov for sever back pain
19. I do physical therapy 3 days a week faithfully
20. I cussed in front of my bishop (he came over when my back went out
21. My bishop is my Physical Therapist
22. I hooked a fishing hook in my cousins bum when we were fishing at a park
23. I have THE BEST mother in law
24. I love camping if I am in a 5th wheel or cabin.
25. I have been in a really bad accident with both of my sisters.
26. I have been in 8 accidents
27. I was only driving in 2 of those
28. I have been a designated driver
29. I am known as community watcher
30. I have been to a cage fight
31. I modeled a wedding dressing for a company in Tucson when i was a junior in High school
32. I have a house cleaning lady
33. BUT...I also love to clean
34. I used to surprise my mom before she got home from work and have to house all clean
35. My mom's friends used to ask her if I could come over and help them clean when I was younger.
36. I weighed 3 pounds 14 ounces and was 17 inches long when I was born.
37. I took care of grandma before she died
38. My dad is a mortitian
39. I used to clean the funeral home
40. That was my job my junior year
41. I have worked at Dairy queen
42. I used to give free ice cream to the cute guys in my school
43. KFC
44. A dental office
45. Tc. Egginigtons (mesa)
46. a data firm in mesa
47. I lost 22 LBS with weight watchers
48. I read the Book of Mormon all the way through for the first time at 31
49. I went to Hawaii with my husband in 2006
50. I tried snow skiing just to impress my husband when we were in college and ended up coming ALL the way down on my bum......
51. He still married me
52. I love family reunions
53. I hate the dark
54. I won't watch scary movies
55. I love classical and light jazz music
56. I love baby Einstein videos
57. My altime fav movie is You've got Mail
58. I watch it like 4 times a week if not more
59. I call it my feel good movie
60. My grandmother gave all of us nicknames
61. Mom...Tudy Weez
62. Heather....Bussa Tussa
63. Tif.....Tana Wana Woman(Timy wonder woman)
64. Shawna...pinchbug
65. Rex...Hims
66. C.J...Cheej(we gave him that one)
67. I stay up till 12:30 or 1:00am just cleaning house
68. I lived with my inlaws for 2 1/2 years
69. i love fresh cut flowers on my table
70. I would love to be really good at crafting but havent caught on yet
71. I love to make bows to match my girls outfits
72. I hate hate hate to give talks in church and have told my bishop "no" it literally makes me sick,.diareah nausiated
73. I once drove with a friend and my sister from safford to mesa going a hundred through the mountains and into apache junction. we made it in 1 hour 58 minutes
74. I once had a friend end our friendship because of my religion.
75. I have always wanted to be a nurse or work in hospice
76. My dream vacation would be a trip to Paris
77. I am surprising my husband for his 33 birthday and he has no idea where we are flying.
I will post pictures when we return just in case he reads this
78. I love my husband more today then the day we got married
79. I still get butterflies when I hear him come home
80. My dream family vacation would be a Disney Cruise
81. I saw a 60 year old guy get the living crap beat out of him by a 20 year old girl(who looked like a guy)
82. I am terrified of guns
83. I once at squid after being told it was onion rings
84. I actually like it
85. Crab legs are my down fall
86. I love love love PLUTO.......
87. I love holding my babies for the first time after they are born. Its euforic
88. I love shopping in mesa or any big town for that matter
89. I love weekend getaways with my husband
90. I love when babies scrunch up their little bums when you first pick them up.
91. I love when OTHER people are pregnant
92. I looked in to sperm spinning just cause we wanted a boy so bad and I didn't want to have to do another pregnancy
93. Didn't do it cause it didn't feel right and it was $3200 for a 50 to 72% chance you'd get a boy.....
94. I love christmas and Thanksgiving
95. I have to get a pedicure at least once a month
96. I get my eyebrows done every 2 weeks
97. My beautician has come out to my house to do my eyebrows when I threw my back out
98. I had my sisters ex boyfriend almost give me a cathedar when i was in the hospital, I had my dad ask for someone eles to do it.
99. I love when I am sick and Puking that my little brother will sit there and rub my feet and back
100. I am addicted to the elliptical machine


Shawna said...

Wow you're good Tiff. I barely tagged you last night. You blogging queen you!

Sue said...

Yes you do have the BEST mother-in-law!
What a neat 100 things.
love ya, and thanks Shamoms for tagging me I had fun remembering!!

touch of glass said...

And I thought I knew you!! That was fun to read.

Abby said...

This was fun to read! I'm impressed that you'll stay up that late to clean!