Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Doyle's Butterfly song

He learned this in Preschool and sings it all the time with his dad!!! They had a little one on one time last night while I was at Dance practice with the girls!! These were so dang cute!

*push pause on the music before listening to videos!!!


Koi said...

That's cute. I think Oliver just learned that song too because he's been singing it.

Ummm and why is you house up for sale? Are you leaving Thatcher?

cluffconstructionclan said...

no not leaving just building out by Brian's mom and dad! Brian is not the neighborhood type of guy!!

The Skousen's said...

That was super cute!!! hahaha so funny. Lightening Mcqueen is one of my fav's too.

crankymomma said...

Hi Tiffany! What a cute family! How fun to hear from you. So you visited my lame blog, huh? I need to take the time to make it cute and fun. Maybe next time you check it will be updated!