Sunday, January 1, 2012

I love these ABC's

President Thomas S. Monson is one amazing man! I find strength and courage often in his words. Although my trials do not even compare to others i know that he is very aware of ALL that I am going through and will go through. He is aware of all of us and that brings me such great comfort. I hope whoever reads this will find the same comfort that I did.
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GirlyGirl said...

Hope u feel better mom it just make me sad when u heart and I wish j could be.a.better persons and help out more I love sooooooooo much and I know u feel the same way about me liv ya kaely

Tifani said...

YOU DO HELP ME A TON girly girl!!!! I love you too!!!! I am soooo glad you are mine!!!

Sue said...

I love you both and know what a great help GirlyGirl is as also are Camaramalious and Bubba D !!!
Bryn will be there some day so in the meantime she will just be stinkin' cute!!!