Sunday, January 1, 2012

day 2....THE BEACH

This was our layed back day! It was filled with drawing in the sand and collecting as many seashells as we could find, mixed with clams that just entertained the kids for hours!!! I've decided that I NEED to live by a beach!!

Hunter and Doyle were hooked at the hip!!! so fun to see them being so cute!!

I Love these kids!!!!!!
On the look out for just the right shell

Mr. Grant and Miss Bryn were just happy playin in the dirt!!! they couldn't get enough of it!
Miss K~Sue bein crazy
Kiersten,Cambry and Kaely collecting shells
The next few pics are just of Mr Grant and Bryn....They were hilarious!!!

Had to get a pic of Becky's "workout" attire!!! Love her
Kaely and Kiersten trying to cover themselves with sand!!!
Bryn loved the sand
Hunter's sand angel
Doyle Hunter and Logan trying to be sand Angels
Then it was off to the heated pool!! The kids loved it
LOVE THIS BOY!!!!!! Doyle Brian
Doyle and Logie Bear doin tricks for me!!!! So cute
Miss Kaely

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