Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Gene Daddy Thang!!!!! I love you

A shout out to the worlds greatest Dad!!! I love everything about my dad, even when he is stubborn!! I am glad that my dad is my Dad, and that I have been blessed to be his favorite daughter!!! Dad tells ya like it is, no sugar coatin!! I love that he has the biggest hands but they give the most tender touch, and his "BIG" squeezes leave you feeling like the most loved and protected person in the world! With all the pain and suffering that I have gone through in my life, my dad has been there through most of it knowing that I need him more than anything, who did Brian call after my last back incident, my dad, he knew that I was going to be asking for him sooner or later!!! My dad hugged me when they informed me that I would be flown out to Phoenix to probably deliver my daughter 2 months early within a few days and came over to the couch and scooped me into his arms and just held on tight!!! I knew it would be okay, even though I had no idea really, and I was terrified! He would call me periodically throughout my stay over in Mesa the month Brynlee was in the NICU to see how I was doing, cause he understood, like no one else did, cause he had gone through the same thing 33 years prior with me when I was born, at 3 weeks early and weighed in at 3 LB 14OZ. He knew just the right questions to ask and just the right words to say!! I now that my Heavenly Father loves me to the moon and back, cause he gave me "My Dad"


Sue said...

Well put TynaWondaWooman, he is absolutely incredible!!!! Thank heavens for Seminary!!!!!

GirlyGirl said...

happy b-day papa love you