Monday, June 28, 2010

Our family trip to Mt. Graham, june 2010

Me and leelee gettin some sun!!! It was the perfect temp in the sun, I look at these pics now and about die. I keep wondering what the heck we are all doing with jackets on. I am always hot right now so this picture makes me miserable!!!!
This bundle of joy slept the whole time we were up there! She loved the mountains!!!
If you give this kid a knife and a piece of wood he would be happy for hours!!!
My hubby
I thought this was cute pic! Doyle loves, no, adores his dad!!! I love it
Cam toad!!!
Doyle taking pictures, but hey there is proof that i was there!!!

Dad and his girls

My kiddos, we have so much fun, most of the time!!!! HAHAHAHA
I thought it was funny that they chose to hit it up hill!!!
Dad and Cam Golfin
This kids is adorable!!!
Like father like son!!!! ;)


lizh_1989 said...

I love Loo, shes so cute! Doyal is a pretty good picture taker..he does really good with the lighting :) maybe he'll take classes :) I miss mountains!!! love you tiff

Sue said...

What an adorable family!!! Making memories to last a lifetime!! Love you guys!!!

Erin Hackett said...

Looks like you guys had alot of fun up there. What a great place to to just spend time with your family. You guys are so cute!!!
Love ya!

Shawna said...

Awesome picture of Brian and Doyle taking a wizz! That's funny. Does Brian know you put it on here? LOL!

Loved all the pictures!