Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This last weekend was super fun, with family and friends we had a blast!!!!
Of course Kipp was right in the middle of it all
The best place EVER!!!! On papa's lap
Wyatt helping to burp Brynlee
And then these, my sister is going to learn to take my camera when I leave it a my mom's and go on a picture taking spree!!! Love ya Shamoms
Little miss K~Sue
Hebbie being Hebbie
What's up Weez, bet you didn't think I'd really post these, think again MMMUUUAAAHHH!!!!
Missy Moo joinin in on the picture taking
Me and Ber at the luncheon for Brynlee's Blessing, we absolutely love love love this girl!!!
Just some randomness goin on

LeeLee in her cutest ever dress outfit!!! just sleepin through her party!!!
Hebbie and Wyatt

Mimi chillin with the kids!!!


Shawna said...

Oh, it's on girl! You asked for it!

You know you love getting those surprises on your camera from me.

Your butt....

Scott and Audrey said...

brynlee looks like she's getting big! what a cutie!

Steph said...

Okay, I am in love with that picture of the Mesa Temple on the wall. Where can I get one?

Sue said...

What an awesome weekend and we had a reason for feeling so blessed!!!
Love to all who came and love who all were there in heart!!!!

Tifani said...

hey mom thats some good pics

Tifani said...

i ment to post that her olderst child