Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stephanie.....NICU Nurse

I took a picture of as many of Brynlee's Nurses that I could and want to blog about them so I have it for her in her Book, so when she grows up she can see the Ladies that were responsible for taking care of her in a way that mommy was not capable of, and THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!! This is Stephanie!! She is just as sweet as can be, she is the soft spoken type and is just the cutest thing ever!! Her smile makes you forget your worries and let's you know all is going to be okay even when you walk in the room to find your sweet baby girl hooked up to tubes and Iv's galore and a mask that makes her face disappear.. It can be quite overwhelming but Steph new just how to put your mind at ease!!! Love ya ton's Steph and thank you for doing what you do I am so glad we were able to have you in our lives for a short little while! We will keep you posted!
Love and Hugs
Tif and Brynlee

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