Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brynlee and company

This is Brynlee's gaurd dog that her NICU "aunt's" got her! thank you aunt Brandee, aunt Deb and aunt Crystal!! We love you!!! She is now 4 lbs 4 oz and still needs to pass her car seat test before she can come home!!! Oh what a blessed day that will be!! We miss our family so much!!
The cutest little feet EVER!!!! (brynlee 3-16-10 day 17 in NICU)
Her little bunny that is the same size as her!
Mom and Brynlee 3-14-10
Brian came down this last weekend and Brynlee and I got to have him till monday morning. It was so much fun having him here and it is always so hard to see him go!! We miss him so much!!!Dad and Brynlee 3-14-10
Uncle Chris came and gave Brynlee a blessing and while he was there we got a pic of his hand totally engulfing Brynlee!!! Amazing!!! We love you Uncle chris


Susan and Don said...

Love the updates and pix! Brynlee is in our prayers. Hang in there Tif - you want her good and strong when you take her home.

love you guys!

Farris said...

She is so precious!! I'm sure you are so ready to get her home, what a great day that will be. Love ya!

Sue said...

WE will be so happy for the coming home day and we do want her strong and ready for the unbelieveable fanfare you both will receive when the day arrives!!!! Love you both so much and see you tomorrow!!!!

Jenny Sue said...

I love all of these pictures. Thanks for the update.

Tif, you are so tiny all ready! Lucky girl!!