Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holy crazy month....batman

my honey was in sooo much pain!!!
my sweet baby girl!
Me and Bryn
my kids loved the pumpkins!!!
picking pumpkins at Apple Annie's Oct 2011
Me and K sue
we were so glad we got daddy for the afternoon
My poor baby!!! Needless to say i totally freaked!! i hated to see her in so much pain!
Papa makes everything better! we LOVE LOVE LOVE papa!! Thanks Dad for coming down to the hospital! That meant a lot! I love you
Publish PostShe had to be sedated! SO we waited and waited for the meds to kick in!!!!
So this last month has been filled with(what else)back problems, Passing kidney stones(Twice) poor Brian now knows what it feels like to be in labor!!! He wanted an epidural!! Stitches for Brynlee (2), Pumpkin patch (twice) Moms BIG Halloween party (very much a spooky success!!! Dont have pics of that but there coming!!!

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Audrey Spence said...

I swear I've heard about more and more people having kidney stones recently. My mom has had sooooo many problems. One of which a mistake from a dr in CA during a "blasting" session lead her to have to replace the tube going to her kidney when we were living up here. It almost resulted in her losing a kidney because it looked like it was dying and the surgery didn't work but miraculously started functioning like normal a year after the surgery. It was the most pain I had ever seen her in. She was in the er a lot and has a high pain tolerance so for her to be on morphine is a BIG deal. Her dr. had a note on her chart that if she ever called in to the on call doc asking for pain meds to give them to her because she was not abusing them and if she was asking it was because she really really needed it. Yeah, that's how often the urologist saw her. I feel so bad for anyone that has to go through that. I hated to see my mom in so much pain. So awful! I hope he's doing better and I hope your back is doing better. And that poor little girl. She must be one tough cookie. I'm surprised we haven't had more stuff like that from Charlotte. She is a wild one!