Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cluff family gathering.....okay PARTAY

A couple weeks ago we all got together and had some awesome food and more awesome company!!!! We sat together as a family afterwards and mom and dad shared a neat scripture reading idea with us!!! We are going to read the Book of Mormon as a family through reading with our own families and then we take turns each month putting the grandchildren from oldest to youngest in charge of calling each family and asking if they read for the entire month and if we all did we accumulate points and after the Temple is built we are going to go somewhere for a FAMILY vacation!!! It is an awesome way to motivate each of us including the kids to read our scriptures!!! We are excited and hope to have the Book of Mormon read by the time the Temple is done!!! Thanks Mom and Dad for being such an awesome example to each of us and our kiddos!!! We love you and are grateful for all you do for us!!!

Becky and Justin being cute as ever!!!! Yeah, I know what your thinking (isn't Becky Pregnant) and the answer is YES!!! You can't even tell. You either miss Amy (she's standing in the back) They are so stinkin cute and I can't wait till those yummy NEPHEWS come out to play with Aunt Tif :) :) :) :) I am dyin here!!!!

Granpa in on all the action.

Some of the fam diggin in


Steph said...

There is always a PARTAY when you are around, Tif!

Steph said...

Becky does look good! Tell her congrats for me! I am watching my niece and nephew right now and want to eat them up!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, it was good to see you at ambers bridal shower. It was so fun to catch up with everyone. Did amber get your necklace to you...and is the length ok?

Allred's said...

What a blast you guys are having. I love having family so close

Sue said...

I love the Cluff families, they are the best examples to all who they have around them and what a great idea for the scripture reading!!!!
We feel so blessed David is doing good and pray for his complete recovery!!!